Power Fruits

As part of a social campaign promoting Polish fruit, we prepared a series of games in the form of mobile applications, dedicated to Android, iOS, and desktop computer systems. The applications, designed for a younger audience, use fun gameplay and friendly graphics to introduce the topic of berry fruits and their extraordinary properties.

In addition to the mobile game series, we also prepared graphics for print, utilizing the Brand Heroes image to better reach children and teenagers with the campaign message.

The projects were carried out in collaboration with the Partner of Promotion agency, which was responsible for the implementation of the entire promotional campaign.

QMP Good Beef

For the “QMP Good Beef” social campaign, we created a series of graphic designs and promotional materials, both in print and online form. The projects included brochures, leaflets, online banners, gadgets, and even branding in the underground passage at Metro Centrum.

We aimed to maintain a “mouth-watering” atmosphere in the graphics, which were characterized by cleanliness and a fresh, taste-bud-stimulating feel.

We succeeded in achieving the desired outcome, and the finished graphics were very well received by our client.

Leifheit Poland

For our client, Leifheit Polska, we have implemented a series of graphic design projects promoting their products. As part of a campaign promoting the Pegasus series dryers, we designed a campaign key visual, which was then adapted for promotional materials in accordance with the client’s guidelines.

The Leifheit brand has been a leading supplier of household products for cleaning, ironing, drying, kitchen utensils, and well-being for over 60 years. Leifheit and Soehnle products are the two most recognized brands in Germany, distinguished by high quality and innovation, as well as exceptional functionality and innovative style.

Nestlé Poland

For Nestlé Waters, we have created many different and interesting graphic design projects so far. One of the most characteristic ones we have realized were the images of little monsters, which aimed to bring the subject of waste segregation closer, for the needs of the Nestlé Waters campaign.

We presented the little monsters as pleasant and positive characters to encourage the campaign audience to separate waste into individual fractions. The short verses we created additionally reinforced the message and helped to establish waste segregation rules.

As part of the project, we prepared graphics for online communication and created stickers that were placed around the client’s office.

National Centre for Research and Development

We designed a modern, colorful, and clear layout for publications for the National Centre for Research and Development, and we prepared the Annual Report summarizing the most important events from NCBR’s activity in 2016.

The report presented projects, program descriptions implemented by NCBR, and statistics presenting the way of supporting the Polish R&D sector.

The mission of the National Centre for Research and Development is to finance R&D projects and develop innovation in key Polish industrial sectors, which in the future is expected to significantly increase the competitiveness of the Polish economy on the international stage.


Continuing our long-standing cooperation with PKP CARGO, we prepared graphic designs for promotional materials for the TRAKO 2019 International Railway Fair, which takes place annually in Gdańsk.

As part of the project, we prepared promotional leaflets, a roll-up banner, contest graphics for Facebook, as well as a game that visitors to the fair could play. The designs were prepared in accordance with the applicable key visual, in order to maintain consistency among all materials.


Z NAMI is a new, dynamically growing company that specializes in managing property rentals. Clients entrust their properties to them, and they take full responsibility for their care. Z NAMI takes all the problems associated with the entire rental process off property owners. From preparing a professional offer for tenants, to finding them and taking care of the rental income. Using the company’s services saves time and is very convenient.

We created the entire visual identity and website for Z NAMI.


A simple form of communication. A pictogram that by its shape brings to mind the cubature of a building. At the same time, the enclosed composition is associated with completeness, comprehensiveness, and care. “Z” placed in the foreground symbolizes Management, which is the essence of the entire project. In addition to designing the logo, we also chose the color scheme, which we applied in the visual identity and on the website.


Original, very interesting in form, intuitive, and extremely aesthetic. The website was built using a popular content management system. The whole site is lightweight and enjoyable to use. Additionally, we used animations and visual effects for specific elements, which increases the attractiveness of the project.

We encourage you to check out the finished website!

Polish Security Printing Works S.A.

We have been providing graphic design services for Polska Wytwórnia Papierów Wartościowych S.A. since 2018.

During this time, we have prepared a series of materials promoting PWPW products. Among other things, we have made a graphic design of the stand dedicated to the prestigious “Congress 590” trade fair.

PWPW S.A. (Polish Security Printing Works S.A.) is a state-owned company. The company produces banknotes, documents, secure prints and IT systems.

Since 2006 the company is on the list of manufacturers accredited by the European Central Bank to produce euro banknotes.

The main seat of PWPW S.A. is located in the building at Romana Sanguszki 1 in Warsaw, built in the years 1926-1929.

Polish Electricity Association

For Polski Komitet Energii Elektrycznej (Polish Electricity Association) we have created a number of advertising projects for prestigious newspapers and magazines, such as:

The Financial Times


The Economist

The ads were published in large editions with a worldwide coverage.

At the same time, we prepared a series of printed materials such as brochures, reports, leaflets.

Projects for PKEE were carried out in cooperation with and on behalf of Partner of Promotion.


PKP CARGO S.A. is serviced under a cooperation agreement, which includes ongoing graphic services for the company. In our work we try to ensure that the quality of our services is at the highest level. We put a lot of effort and commitment to ensure that the speed and efficiency in the implementation of individual projects will satisfy our client.

The satisfaction with our work can be proved by the obtained references, for the previous period of our cooperation. We will make every effort to ensure that the next references are equally good.