Z NAMI is a new, dynamically growing company that specializes in managing property rentals. Clients entrust their properties to them, and they take full responsibility for their care. Z NAMI takes all the problems associated with the entire rental process off property owners. From preparing a professional offer for tenants, to finding them and taking care of the rental income. Using the company’s services saves time and is very convenient.

We created the entire visual identity and website for Z NAMI.


A simple form of communication. A pictogram that by its shape brings to mind the cubature of a building. At the same time, the enclosed composition is associated with completeness, comprehensiveness, and care. “Z” placed in the foreground symbolizes Management, which is the essence of the entire project. In addition to designing the logo, we also chose the color scheme, which we applied in the visual identity and on the website.


Original, very interesting in form, intuitive, and extremely aesthetic. The website was built using a popular content management system. The whole site is lightweight and enjoyable to use. Additionally, we used animations and visual effects for specific elements, which increases the attractiveness of the project.

We encourage you to check out the finished website!

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