Vet Expert Academy

Educational platform

Vet Planet is a Polish company with an international reach that specializes in producing pet food, supplements, and cosmetics under the Vet Expert brand. The company was the first to develop veterinary diets for dogs and cats and created the market for professional supplements from scratch, for which it has received multiple awards.

In the first quarter of 2022, we built and launched a nationwide educational platform for Vet Planet, aimed at students and veterinarians from all over the country.

The Vet Expert Academy platform is an advanced system in which users can create their own accounts, mark and aggregate favorite content, acquire knowledge, and develop their competencies. Above all, they can participate in comprehensive online training on various topics and with different speakers. Users receive certificates for completed training, which further increases their motivation to act.

As Studio Kreacji, we were responsible for the entire project, from the first brief to working on information architecture, design, production, testing, and implementation.

The Vet Expert Academy has been a huge success! For us, as an agency, and for the client, because the platform has gained the interest of thousands of users.

We are happy to have worked on such an interesting project for which we have received recognition.

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