Scandia Cosmetics


We have created a website for the Polish company Scandia Cosmetics.

Scandia has 30 years of experience in producing private label cosmetics, combining the idea of love for nature with innovative technologies. They use the richness of nature and the wisdom of cosmetic recipes to create natural cosmetics that can meet a variety of needs through the use of modern technology.

The website was designed for the B2B segment, which involves cooperation between the buyer and other entities in the production of cosmetics under their own brand.

The website itself has been designed to enable intuitive and easy navigation. Thanks to a well-thought-out architecture, it is possible to familiarize oneself with the full range of articles, products, and entire product lines that Scandia has to offer to potential clients.

Visually appealing and consistent with the corporate identity, the graphic design is a differentiator compared to competitor websites. The user-friendly website provides easy access to all the information gathered, while also facilitating direct contact with the sales department.

We encourage you to take a look at the project!

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