PIAP Space

Website and Social Media

We have created a website promoting PIAP Space, a Polish company operating in the space industry. The company designs, tests, and delivers solutions in the field of space robotics. PIAP Space develops manipulators and grippers for active removal of space debris and servicing satellites in orbit, as well as devices for satellite integration and testing (MGSE).

The website itself was designed to reflect the company’s current activities and to reach as wide an audience as possible, including representatives of the space sector, potential clients, and employees. The homepage combines graphic elements with photos of satellites and other devices operating in space.

We have designed dedicated infographic elements and animations on the website that are consistent with the entire visual identity on the website and in social media. The website’s stylistic is clear and attractive to the eye, making it very pleasant to view.

The original graphic design was also implemented in ongoing communication activities within traditional and social media, where we are responsible for the current management of three corporate profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

The website was awarded in the CSS Design Awards Community competition in the following categories:

  • Best UI Design,
  • Best UX Design,
  • Best Innovation.

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