Wisła Warszawa

The scope of work included creating a website for the “Wisła Warsaw” project, along with its compact version dedicated to mobile devices. The website was built using the Drupal7 CMS system, enhanced with custom components dedicated to the project. At the end of the project, a CMS system training session was held at the client’s headquarters, including instructions for use.

The project was carried out for the Capital City of Warsaw, in collaboration with Partner of Promotion Sp. z o.o.

Power Fruits

As part of a social campaign promoting Polish fruit, we prepared a series of games in the form of mobile applications, dedicated to Android, iOS, and desktop computer systems. The applications, designed for a younger audience, use fun gameplay and friendly graphics to introduce the topic of berry fruits and their extraordinary properties.

In addition to the mobile game series, we also prepared graphics for print, utilizing the Brand Heroes image to better reach children and teenagers with the campaign message.

The projects were carried out in collaboration with the Partner of Promotion agency, which was responsible for the implementation of the entire promotional campaign.

QMP Good Beef

As part of the educational and promotional “QMP Good Beef” campaign, which promotes the highest quality beef, we created a mobile application designed to help users cook beef-based dishes. The application contains a collection of recipes and also helps users prepare them using basic kitchen tools.

The mobile application is available on the Android system.

We encourage you to check out the prepared project. To see the application in its distribution location, click the link below.

QMP Good Beef

For the “QMP Good Beef” social campaign, we created a series of graphic designs and promotional materials, both in print and online form. The projects included brochures, leaflets, online banners, gadgets, and even branding in the underground passage at Metro Centrum.

We aimed to maintain a “mouth-watering” atmosphere in the graphics, which were characterized by cleanliness and a fresh, taste-bud-stimulating feel.

We succeeded in achieving the desired outcome, and the finished graphics were very well received by our client.


We cooperated with the G-Pharma company, creating invitations/programs and graphics for medical conferences devoted to the prevention of gynecological cancer treatment.


We have created a new website for the largest and most experienced consulting company in Poland that specializes in sickness absence issues.

We made sure that the website’s graphic design is clear and modern. To achieve this, we used the color of the year 2017 – greenery.

The website itself has been enriched with additional animations to increase its attractiveness. We also took care of its responsiveness to mobile devices.


We created a website promoting the QAFP (Quality Assurance for Food Products) program, which is a guaranteed quality system for food products. The program is implemented by the Union of Producers and Employers of the Meat Industry and its aim is, among others:

  • to distinguish the highest quality food production;
  • to cooperate in creating and effectively promoting food quality;
  • to combine knowledge and experience in a systemic approach to food quality;
  • to create a chain of links integrating the meat industry in building its credibility.

The website was designed for two user groups: meat industry professionals and consumers. The main page introduces a clear and readable division of information for the target groups.

We also designed an interactive map on the website that allows users to find stores that sell QAFP-certified products throughout Poland.

The website’s style is subdued and “clean”, with plenty of white space, and is complemented by very visually appealing color photos.

The construction of the website was financed by the Pork Meat Promotion Fund and the Poultry Meat Promotion Fund.

Leifheit Poland

For our client, Leifheit Polska, we have implemented a series of graphic design projects promoting their products. As part of a campaign promoting the Pegasus series dryers, we designed a campaign key visual, which was then adapted for promotional materials in accordance with the client’s guidelines.

The Leifheit brand has been a leading supplier of household products for cleaning, ironing, drying, kitchen utensils, and well-being for over 60 years. Leifheit and Soehnle products are the two most recognized brands in Germany, distinguished by high quality and innovation, as well as exceptional functionality and innovative style.

Nestlé Poland

For Nestlé Waters, we have created many different and interesting graphic design projects so far. One of the most characteristic ones we have realized were the images of little monsters, which aimed to bring the subject of waste segregation closer, for the needs of the Nestlé Waters campaign.

We presented the little monsters as pleasant and positive characters to encourage the campaign audience to separate waste into individual fractions. The short verses we created additionally reinforced the message and helped to establish waste segregation rules.

As part of the project, we prepared graphics for online communication and created stickers that were placed around the client’s office.

National Centre for Research and Development

We designed a modern, colorful, and clear layout for publications for the National Centre for Research and Development, and we prepared the Annual Report summarizing the most important events from NCBR’s activity in 2016.

The report presented projects, program descriptions implemented by NCBR, and statistics presenting the way of supporting the Polish R&D sector.

The mission of the National Centre for Research and Development is to finance R&D projects and develop innovation in key Polish industrial sectors, which in the future is expected to significantly increase the competitiveness of the Polish economy on the international stage.