Program dla Szkół

graphic design

The “School Programme” is an EU project which follows on from the two programmes: “School Milk” and “School Fruit and Vegetables”, which constitute a single action from the school year 2017/2018. Within the framework of the ‘School Programme’ coordinated by the National Agricultural Support Centre, native producers regularly supply fruit, vegetables and milk and milk products to children.

An important element of promotional and educational activities is Chrumas – an animated character who presents the principles of healthy eating to children in a funny way. He can be seen on the Internet on the School Programme portal and on the YouTube channel ” School Programme”. The main goal of the promotional activities is to increase the recognition of the program and build awareness of parents about their role in shaping proper eating habits of children. – source: website

At the request of Partner of Promotion agency we had the opportunity to work on the campaign project, under which we produced a series of promotional materials, including, among others:

  • posters
  • social media posts
  • mailing
  • calendar
  • – notebook – printed and dedicated for children all over Poland, hardbacked notebook with an eraser! 🙂
  • And other promotional materials…

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the projects here and on the website.

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